DIU seeks solutions for Blue OSINT

The U.S. Government recognizes that open-source data is an underutilized resource in advancing science and technology (S&T) dominance. As U.S. adversaries march to the forefront of S&T competition, their advancements are visible through their contributions to S&T literature, deal flow, cross-border partnerships, and other contextual open-source data points. This exposure leaves much of adversarial S&T development activity abroad open to discovery through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques and tactics developed in academia, industry, and the private sector.

The Department of Defense (DoD) seeks access to this specialized S&T OSINT expertise in order to develop a complete picture of adversarial S&T, and to ensure that relevant sources of OSINT information are applied to this Blue OSINT challenge.

Desired Solution Attributes

The ideal prototype is envisioned to leverage open-source data, machine learning (ML) data science tools, and S&T-specific subject matter expertise to identify and characterize S&T development activities by foreign state competitors and adversaries across five technology areas of interest, namely: Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, High Performance Computing, Semiconductors, and Quantum Computing.

DIU will consider solutions that cover either a subset or the entirety of these interest areas:

Data: Must demonstrate the ability to access and exploit publicly-available and commercially-available information (PAI/CAI) to identify critical insights on S&T development, investment, and production activity by U.S. competitors and adversaries.

  • Solutions must demonstrate the breadth of their current and ongoing access to S&T-relevant PAI/CAI data by country, region, and sector.
  • Solutions must demonstrate the current, ongoing, and active use of S&T-specific data and subject matter expertise to illuminate S&T development, investment, and production activity by foreign state actors
  • Solutions must demonstrate the current, ongoing, and active use of foreign language datasets and native language-derived insights to illuminate S&T development, investment, and production activity by foreign state actors.

Analytics: Must demonstrate the ability to identify, screen, and recognize user-defined patterns across PAI/CAI data holdings that:

  • Characterize S&T investment, development, and production activity by U.S. competitor states and foreign adversaries across each of the five technology areas of interest
  • Identify participating actors, entities, organizations, and networks, and
  • Specify new or emerging S&T development trends by technology area of interest

Outputs: All outputs should be in common, open (i.e. non-proprietary) formats and are envisioned to provide the following types of products:

  • Provide detailed knowledge graphs, data exports, and contextualizing reporting that identifies key pieces of information including trends, activities, and parties used by U.S. competitor states and foreign state adversaries in the S&T sector.
  • Provide pattern of life mapping across transactional events, participating actors, organizations and networks supported by comprehensive sourcing and attribution across each vector.
  • Demonstrate risk, vulnerability, and opportunity assessments based on expert analyses or computational representations of S&T development activity at the country, entity, and technology domain level.
  • Must demonstrate recent product  and evidence of tracking foreign adversarial S&T development activity using OSINT data and methodologies in any of the five stated technology areas of interest.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to deliver technical outputs in analyst-accessible and digestible formats e.g. reports, briefings, etc. as a core component of the deliverable.
  • Must demonstrate existing products that meet the stated output requirements.

Review the full Blue OSINT call for solutions.

Source: DIU

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