DIU posts HSA II call for solutions

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) announced a call for solutions for Hybrid Space Architecture II (HSA II). Responses are due by December 11.

The integration of commercial and government space-based capabilities poses a significant challenge that must be addressed to preserve operational and informational security while enabling collaboration between services, allies and other strategic partners. In the space communications arena, legacy government systems are extremely capable but are reliant on proprietary data architectures that are not scalable or easily integrated. New commercial space systems leverage modern information architectures based on open standards which improve speed, latency, scalability, and interoperability. In response, the Department of Defense (DoD) seeks additional capabilities for a Hybrid Space Architecture (HSA) to integrate emergent commercial sensor and communications capabilities with U.S. Government space systems while incorporating best-in-class commercial practices to secure and defend the network across multiple domains.

To realize meaningful and transformative demonstration, four areas of interest are addressed in this second HSA solicitation (hereafter “HSA II”): persistent sensing, data transport, high-performance edge compute (in situ), and data fusion. Use cases span the full range of commercial, civil, national security and allied communications. This includes military operations in support of warfighters at the tactical edge and across all domains, be it land, sea, or air, transmitting or receiving time-sensitive situational awareness and decision-making information to yield effects across the strategic, operational and tactical levels through multiple communication layers and battle management command, control and communications (BMC3) architectures.

Desired Solution Attributes

The DoD seeks a hybrid space architecture to integrate emergent commercial space sensor and communications capabilities with bespoke U.S. Government space systems while incorporating best-in-class commercial practices to secure and defend the network across multiple domains. This HSA will provide secure, assured, low latency, and multi-path communications across a scalable, resilient and multi-domain network. The HSA must also be flexible enough to remain relevant and trusted during times of rapid technological change and dynamic threat environments. Software-defined networking, mission management, controls, interfaces, security and the adoption of open standards are foundational to sustaining this agility. The HSA applies state-of-the-art commercial technology at speed and scale to integrate existing and emergent capabilities across disparate government and commercial networks to include allied and friendly foreign systems. This is the second iteration of the original HSA solicitation posted in Oct 2021.

Responses to this HSA II solicitation must address at least one of the four focus areas detailed below. Submissions should state clearly how the bulleted items are satisfied with the proposed solution.

Persistent Sensing

This focus area covers commercial solutions for space-based sensing as well as solutions for centrally routing and managing commercial collection requests necessary for global ordering, storing, and accessing commercial sensor data.

Resilient Data Transport

This focus area covers resilient satellite/stratollite communications systems and free space optical components that are scalable to enable low latency, persistent broad- and narrowband line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight communications either independently or via multi-path routing.

High Performance Edge Compute

This focus area covers commercial solutions necessary for the autonomous processing of advanced analytics (to include computer vision) and workflow algorithms at the edge (or in situ)for more timely delivery of information to end-users.


This focus area covers commercial solutions necessary for secure data aggregation and analysis to provide or enable modeling and simulation, mission planning, mission management, and execution decision point criteria for end users and decision makers.

Review the DIU HSA II call.

Source: DIU

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