DISA posts JINTACC sources sought

On January 2, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) posted a sources sought notice for EII/EM8’s Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems (JINTACCs) Software Development and Sustainment. Responses are due by 4:00 p.m. Eastern on January 17.

This is a SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE to determine the availability and technical capability of small businesses (including the following subsets: Small Disadvantaged Businesses, Certified 8(a), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, HUBZone Small Businesses and Woman-Owned Small Businesses) to provide the required products and/or services.

The DISA / Emerging Technologies organization is seeking information from potential sources for:  Software development and sustainment of two systems, described here.

Tactical Data Link Configuration Management Tool (TCMT)

TCMT is a Configuration Management (CM) application that was developed under a previous contract and to date can generate two documents 1) MIL-STD-6017 Variable Message Format (VMF) and 2) Joint Multi-Tactical Data Link (TDL) Operating Procedures (JMTOP) CJCSM 6120.01.  It was developed to perform CM of TDL MIL-STDs using a systematic approach that ensures consistency of processing and tracks the impacts to previously released products.

The TCMT processes improve delivery of TDL Configuration Items (CIs) as the system stores the CI data in the Jama Connect application, which facilitates improved search capability and accessibility by authorized users and systems on the Department of Defense (DoD) Information Network (DoDIN).  TCMT supports the DoD and Joint Interoperability & Supportability goals for information exchange and integration of Automated Information Systems (AIS).

The TCMT system is a replacement for the legacy TDS..  TCMT is composed of both Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and custom code.  The front end of the TCMT Web App is built on NGINX, NodeJS, Angular and Tomcat.  The backend is built around Jama Connect Software and MySQL.  The Jama Connect application resides in a Docker container. A task in this PWS is to continue TCMT’s development and standards migration and get it to its Full Operational Capability (FOC) state in order to sunset the legacy TDS system.

United States Message Text Format – Web Application

The USMTF-WA is an application in sustainment that supports the CM of MIL-STD-6040.  Specifically, the USMTF-WA is used to update the Message Text Format (MTF) message catalog.  The catalog contains over 300 message formats.  The messages are the official source for DoD entities to convey information in a non-real time format.  USMTF messages are made of Sets and Fields. Sets and Fields may be used in any of the 300+ MTF messages.

The USMTF-WA manages the data contained in the Messages, Sets and Fields.  DISA chairs a CCB which meets three times a year. Members from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Joint Staff attend the CCB and submit needed changes to the message catalog in the form of Interface Change Proposals (ICP).  Approved ICPs are stored, analyzed and implemented within the USMTF-WA.  DISA inputs approved ICPs into the USMTF-WA.  Once incorporated, the USMTF-WA updates the database.  Updates to the message catalog are shared to the operational community through both human and machine-readable format.

The USMTF-WA generates human readable format in the form of a viewer.  The USMTF-WA generates machine readable format through generation of XML Schema.  The USMTF-WA is a simple two-server system built around Microsoft COTS products.  The frontend server utilizes Internet Information services (IIS), Net Framework 3.5, and Active Server Pages (ASP); all running on a Windows Server 2019 Operating System (OS).  The application itself is coded in C# with JavaScript for webpage functionality.  The Database (DB) server utilizes Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

The application is configured for Common Access Card (CAC) login and will use DISA-provided certs for encryption of data in transit over Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).  The application is currently hosted in a Cloud environment and has an existing Authorization to Operate (ATO) but requires its documentation to be updated and changed to meet Risk Management Framework (RMF) standards.  Future versions of USMTF-WA will require changes as products become obsolete or in need of upgrades.

Review the DISA JINTACC sources sought.

Source: SAM

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