DISA extends SOMSAT RFI deadline

On August 30, the Defense Information Systems Agency extended the deadline for the DISA IE2 SATCOM Ordering, Management & Situational Awareness Tools (SOMSAT) System RFI to September 7. Responses will be due by 4:00 p.m. Eastern on September 7.

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Infrastructure Directorate (IE) SATCOM (Satellite Communications) Division (IE2) is seeking information from industry to assist with the development and planning of a potential new requirement.

Overview/Purpose/ Description of Procurement

DISA IE2 organization is in the process of creating a SATCOM Ordering, Management & Situational Awareness Tools (SOMSAT) system to provide comprehensive, timely, and secure management of SATCOM encompassing ordering, fulfilment, resource management, configuration management, account management, security management, fault management, and situational awareness. Currently these management functions are performed with disjoint tools and manual processes. DISA desires to move to a unified, state of the art management environment that increases efficiencies, timeliness and capabilities.

Scope of Effort

DISA is defining the scope of SOMSAT and is seeking industry input to assist with identifying relevant and realistic requirements for SOMSAT. SOMSAT will have a phased implementation. The first phase will address a near-term subset of requirements within the broader SOMSAT scope. SOMSAT Phase 1 is intended to provide initial capabilities that will ultimately be incorporated into a larger, comprehensive SATCOM support capability (Phase 2 and beyond). The focus for Phase 1 is on an initial deployment to address identified gaps and issues (discussed below) in the ordering processes as well as implementing an initial security and situational awareness framework that can serve as the basis for these functions going forward.

The current SATCOM provisioning process is manpower intensive and lacks automation. In most cases, SATCOM provisioning cannot keep pace with adaptive planning and execution. SATCOM provisioning does not typically allow SLA-based provisioning, relying instead on time and frequency allocations rather than end-to-end service assurances.

Current situational awareness systems do not provide automated reporting of usage and status information regarding SATCOM resources. Situational awareness components are not federated to provide a SATCOM Common Operating Picture (COP). These systems do not interact with other joint planning systems to quickly provide awareness of SATCOM critical impacts on operations and vice versa. Due to these limitations, operational requirements for end-to-end planning and dynamic reconfiguration of SATCOM networks cannot be met.

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Source: FedBizOpps