DigitalGlobe’s Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery program renewed by NGA

digitalglobe-2-112DigitalGlobe, Inc. of Westminster, Co announced on September 21 that the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has renewed the Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (Global EGD) program under the EnhancedView contract.

For a sixth consecutive year, beginning September 1, 2016, DigitalGlobe is delivering online, on-demand access to global high-resolution commercial satellite imagery under the program. Users can access mission-ready satellite imagery in multiple classification levels via web browser or mobile device, typically within two to four hours after downlink. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. Government users leverage Global EGD imagery, whether directly or through U.S. Government mobile devices and web portals. The imagery service provides essential mission planning data to warfighters, the intelligence community, and other U.S. Government users.

“DigitalGlobe has been a trusted mission partner of the U.S. Government for more than a decade, and we are proud to continue providing access to the satellite imagery that enables U.S. troops, intelligence analysts, and first responders to make critical decisions with confidence,” said Jeffrey Tarr, DigitalGlobe’s president and chief executive officer.

As with previous contract years, numerous features will be added to deepen support for government missions under Global EGD. These include the addition of shortwave infrared imagery (SWIR) and 8-band multi-spectral imagery, e-mail alerts of new collections over a user’s area of interest, and improved archive ordering. Other Global EGD enhancements support NGA’s efforts to modernize and streamline imagery based production workflows, specifically GEOINT Data Services (GDS) and Foundation GEOINT Content Management (FGCM).

Source: DigitalGlobe