DIA will continue using ‘GeoTime’ visualization software from Canada-based Oculus

GeoTime from
GeoTime from
Oculus Info, Inc.

The Missile and Space Intelligence Center, a unit of the Defense Intelligence Agency, plans to procure 114 concurrent licenses to continue using GeoTime visualization software supplied by Oculus Info, Inc., of Toronto, Canada.

“GeoTime is an Oculus commercial product for the concurrent visualization of geospatial and temporal data,” explains Oculus on its own Web site. “With GeoTime, analysts save time, and gain more insight working with complex data over space and time within a single, highly interactive 3D view.”

The Virginia Contracting Activity, on behalf of DIA, envisions a one-year period of performance for the annual maintenance licenses, according to a notice published on March 21.

The software from Oculus allows analysts to understand events in time and space simultaneously.

“GeoTime events are represented in an X,Y,T coordinate space in which the X,Y plane shows geography and the vertical T axis represents time,” explains the company. “Events animate in time vertically through the 3-D space as the time slider bar is moved.”

“GeoTime lets analysts follow objects, see movement, show transactions and relationships, understand sequence and see cause and effect. Analysts can see patterns of behavior not previously possible and enables them to interactively gain insight into many thousands of events and transactions. GeoTime analysis techniques are unique and have been patented.”

Further information is available from Gary Markham, a contracting officer, at 256-313-7621 or markham@msic.dia.mil.