DIA to host OHR modernization presolicitation conference

On July 9, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) issued an invitation to the OHR Modernization Program PreSolicitation Conference. Registration closes at 2:00 p.m. Eastern on July 13 for the July 18-20 virtual event.

The purpose of the OHR Modernization Program Pre-Solicitation Conference is to promote competition by providing industry a better understanding of the upcoming procurement; provide industry a networking opportunity to build teaming arrangements; and provide an opportunity for the government to introduce preliminary aspects of the procurement prior to releasing a formal solicitation.  Participation in the OHR Modernization Program Pre-Solicitation Conference does not ensure or commit participation in future solicitations or contract awards.

The pre-solicitation conference will be held virtually from 18-20 July 2023.  Interested parties shall send an email to OHR_MOD_PMO@dodiis.mil for registration.  Details of the Pre-solicitation Conference will be provided to interested parties by 17 July 2023, in the registration confirmation email.

The presentation will be classified up to TOP SECRET//SI/TK//NOFORN. Only those individuals that hold a TOP SECRET clearance with SI/TK access will be eligible for registration. The presentation is NOT releasable to foreign nationals. Attendance will be limited to those interested participants registered to attend. Attendance at the pre-solicitation conference is recommended; however, attendance is neither required nor a prerequisite for a future proposal submission and will not be considered in any subsequent evaluation. Information made available at the pre-solicitation conference, formally or informally, may not be made available via SAM.gov. There is no expectation that any materials resulting from the pre-solicitation conference will be formally distributed.

Registration is required to participate in the OHR Modernization Program PreSolicitation Conference. Each contractor interested in attending the pre-solicitation conference must submit a registration request to government by 1400 PM EST on Thursday, 13 July 2023.  Due to conference room limitations, registration is limited to three (3) representatives from each organization.  Participants are required to be in attendance the entire day, late arrivals will not be accepted.

Review the full DIA OHR modernization presolicitation conference information.

Source: SAM

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