DIA releases mentor-protégé program solicitation

On September 29, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) released its mentor-protégé program solicitation. DIA is interested in the full range and scope of innovative solutions and/or service providers from all interested and qualified sources. The DIA Office of Small Business Programs is seeking eligible mentor firms for participation in the Department of Defense (DoD) MPP.

As a combat support agency and key member of the United States Intelligence Community, DIA principally provides military intelligence related information to defense policymakers and force planners in support of U.S. military planning and operations. DIA also provides other critical support and services as is appropriate. DIA is committed to building agility and creativity into the core of all of its activities to promote maximum efficiency and effectiveness in agency operations. To sustain, foster, and ensure the most advanced/modern capability exists in fulfilling multiple agency level roles and responsibilities, DIA is interested in the totality of possible solutions, opportunities, and leading-edge technologies that support agency innovation objectives and/or enhances DIA’s mission through service providers.

The DIA is interested in all potential innovative concepts/ideas of interest that may fill current gaps, to include concepts/ideas focused principally on maximizing agency operating efficiency and effectiveness, and access by DIA to potential or existing state-of-the-art innovations. Both technical and otherwise, that may not currently be in use by the agency or that may be in limited use and in need of updating or leveraging across a greater expanse of the collective enterprise.

Interested mentors are responsible for submitting white papers relevant to DIA’s NeedipeDIA Need areas. Interested parties are required to review the various individual NeedipeDIA listings posted on the website, and to self-identify on the coversheet of their White Paper submission, all the relevant mission needs from NeedipeDIA requirement that most closely associated with their white paper concept/idea, or where the preponderance of benefit is most likely to occur, even if their particular concept/idea potentially covers more than one NeedipeDIA listing area in question. Mentors and protégés are highly encouraged to review the www.dia.mil/business/needipedia website.

Review the full DIA mentor-protégé program information.

Source: SAM

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