DIA needs ‘technical intelligence analysis’ of numerous defensive systems

Chinese radar system
Chinese radar system

The Missile and Space Intelligence Center, a unit of the Defense Intelligence Agency, has issued a solicitation to vendors that can provide “technical intelligence analysis” of defensive systems, such as radars, seekers, directed energy weapons, sensors, command-and-control assets and more.

“The emphasis of this effort is to assess the theory of operation, characteristics and performance, physical characteristics, signatures, vulnerabilities, and employment of defensive systems,” explains the solicitation notice released by the Virginia Contracting Activity last month.

Responses from interested parties are due by June 5.

“The contractor shall perform the analysis, evaluations, assessment, and documentation of intelligence information on current and future defensive systems, including the subsystems, components, and technologies of each system,” the notice adds.

Further information is available from Major Helen Austin at helen.austin@misc.dia.mil.