DHS S&T releases SBIR topics

On November 22, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program released 11 topics for the new Small Business innovation Research (SBIR) 22.1 Pre-solicitation. During this period, small businesses can review topics and ask clarifying technical questions regarding the topic requirements.

“The topics span a broad range of homeland security needs that give small businesses the opportunity to partner with DHS and turn their ideas into effective solutions,” said Dusty Lang, DHS SBIR director. “I encourage all innovative small businesses to review the topics in the Pre-Solicitation to better understand our research and development needs.”

Full topic descriptions for the titles listed below can be viewed at SAM.gov. Technical questions should be directed to the technical point of contact for each topic, listed in the 22.1 SBIR Topic Areas document. Small businesses have until 5:00 p.m. ET on December 14, 2021 to submit their questions.

The DHS topics in the 22.1 SBIR Pre-Solicitation are:

  • DHS221-001 – Automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) Distress Alerts and Monitoring
  • DHS221-002 – Rapidly deployable countermeasures at protected perimeters and structures
  • DHS221-003 – Non-Invasive and Real-time Detection of Counterfeit Microelectronics
  • DHS221-004 – Broadband Push-to-Talk Interoperability Platform
  • DHS221-005 – A Step Towards Agent Agnostic Detection of Biological Hazards
  • DHS221-006 – Streamlined Airport Checkpoint Screening for Limited Mobility Passengers
  • DHS221-007 – Mass Fatality Tracking System (MFTS)
  • DHS221-008 – Next Generation Semiconductor-Based Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRDs)
  • DHS221-009 – Field Forward Diagnostics for Select Agent List Toxins
  • DHS221-010 – Wearable Detector for Aerosolized Chemical Threats
  • DHS221-011 – From Port-Side to Pen-Side: Low Cost Detection/Diagnostics for High-Consequence Transboundary or Nationally Reportable Animal Diseases, Particularly Those with Zoonotic Propensity

Interested small businesses can register for the Deconstructing SBIR: What’s New in 2022 webinar on Wednesday December 1, 2021 at 2 p.m. ET. During this live webinar, attendees will hear from the DHS SBIR director about how small businesses can participate in the program and how technologies developed through SBIR can support DHS component technology needs.

Source: DHS

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