DHS recognizes fourth company as Enhanced Cybersecurity Services Commercial Service Provider

On August 18, Andy Ozment, Assistant Secretary, Cybersecurity and Communications, DHS released the following statement announcing the fourth commercial services partner for the Department’s Enhanced Cybersecurity Services program.

DHS seal 112We’ve added a fourth Commercial Service Provider, Lockheed Martin, to provide cybersecurity service to customers. Commercial Service Providers receive cyber threat indicators through the Department of Homeland Security Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) program, which they in turn use to help protect and secure the networks of their customers. ECS is a voluntary information sharing program that assists U.S.-based public and private entities as they improve the protection of their systems from unauthorized access, exploitation, or data exfiltration.

This new announcement is a continuation of the recently new developments to expand cybersecurity information sharing services to all U.S.-based public and private organizations through ECS.

All accredited Commercial Service Providers must achieve a high standard of security competence, including retaining the ability to safeguard sensitive information, obtaining personnel and facilities clearances, and constructing secure network systems. Lockheed Martin joins three additional companies—AT&T, CenturyLink, and Verizon—who have met the stringent standards for ECS accreditation.

Once accredited, ECS has proven to be a highly effective part of a layered defense, and we encourage its use for organizations seeking to implement additional protections against sophisticated threats. ECS embeds privacy protections in its operations, ensuring industry can benefit from cyber threat indicator sharing without relinquishing privacy and civil liberties protections.

U.S.-based companies interested in ECS service may reach out directly to the four accredited Commercial Service Providers for more information:

ECS is part of a larger DHS effort to broaden information sharing activities. The effort includes programs like the Cyber Information Sharing and Collaboration Program and capability developments such as Automated Information Sharing and Information Sharing and Analysis Organization models.

Source: DHS