DHS chooses Geospark Analytics for AI-driven risk assessment platform

Herndon, VA-based Geospark Analytics announced on June 4 that it has been awarded a contract from a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agency for use of the company’s Hyperion global threat and risk assessment platform. Geospark Analytics’ Hyperion cloud-based platform and mobile application provides analysts and operators unprecedented situational awareness and AI-driven forecast of risk across the globe.

“Geospark Analytics is proud to partner with the DHS to bring them next generation capabilities,” said Geospark Analytics CEO and Founder Omar Balkissoon. “We are excited to work with them to implement and develop innovative technologies that will advance national security.”

According to the company, Hyperion is an immediate and substantial force multiplier for DHS, shifting the understanding of issues from a response to current risks to one that is a forecast of the future. In near real-time, Hyperion’s AI engine continually analyzes streaming publicly available information across the globe, identifies anomalies in activity levels, assesses stability and forecast future risk to stability for every country, over 1,100 cities and over 8,000 regions covering the entire globe.

Source: Geospark Analytics