DeepSig unveils neural receiver software for Open RAN 5G networks

On February 28, DeepSig announced at Mobile World Congress the general availability (GA) of its Gen 1 OmniPHY 5G software. DeepSig’s AI-powered solution elevates the performance and efficiency of Open vRAN 5G networks, facilitated by integration with Intel FlexRAN Layer 1 (L1) reference software. This product milestone marks the launch of the industry’s first 5G carrier-grade neural receiver and redefines how the physical layer in wireless networks is implemented and optimized using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), according to the company.

The OmniPHY 5G software transforms 5G Physical Uplink Shared Channel (PUSCH) processing in an Open Distributed Unit (O-DU), replacing conventional algorithms with a Deep Neural Network (DNN), enabling highly efficient, AI-powered channel estimation, equalization, soft bit de-mapping and interference rejection combining for standard and massive MIMO networks. DeepSig’s cutting edge solution enables a 2-3X increase in uplink throughput, superior spectral efficiency and hardware utilization, leading to overall lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

“I’m thrilled to announce the release of the industry’s first AI-native L1 software solution for 5G radio networks,” said Jim Shea, co-founder and CEO of DeepSig. “This achievement embodies our extensive R&D and builds on generations of commercial AI/ML wireless sensing solutions over a wide range of use cases. Our collaborations with customers and partners showcased at MWC demonstrate how our OmniPHY technology is helping the Open RAN community empower operators with greater performance and efficiency in their 5G networks and beyond.”

“This announcement is a glimpse into the future of wireless,” said Stéphane Téral, founder and chief analyst, Téral Research. “DeepSig is at the forefront of the most significant trend in our industry:  This isn’t just about enhancing Open RAN performance; it’s about transforming core L1 design principles, operations, and capabilities to elevate the value of RAN infrastructure to a whole new level. The launch of the first neural receiver is just the beginning of a new wave of AI driven innovation that will be foundational to the definition of 6G.”

The OmniPHY 5G software, which is O-RAN compliant and L1 processor independent, is integrated with and validated on, the latest Intel FlexRAN reference software. This ensures O-DU vendors ease of integration, customization and testing existing features and future upgrades, such as neural beamforming for massive MIMO. The DeepSig roadmap also includes innovative AI models that will expand the envelope of system performance and capabilities. The OmniPHY software architecture enables OEMs to load these AI model improvements without further modifying the existing runtime binary code, accelerating time-to-market for neural receiver upgrades.

Source: DeepSig

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