Decision Lens wins USAF SBIR Phase II contract

On September 15, Arlington, VA-based Decision Lens announced today its $1.7M Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract award with AFWERX and sponsored by the Air Mobility Command (AMC). Headquartered in Washington, D.C., AFWERX’s mission is to solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of the Air Force by enabling thoughtful, deliberate, ground-up innovation across the Air Force.

The U.S. Air Force has a national defense-related mission need in the area of programmatic analysis, operational risk assessments, strategic planning, and lessons learned.  Decision Lens was awarded this contract to provide the Air Force with a comprehensive business process, patented analytic and machine learning, Artificial Intelligence framework, and flexible, interactive visualizations. This creates an automated mechanism to fuse planning and execution processes / data, ensure that finite time, money and manpower are allocated in the most optimal manner, and to manage decision and trade-off risk efficiently. This provides a way to balance desired future outcomes (e.g. value, risk, cost) with past performance.

“This Phase II award enables Decision Lens to meet Air Force community needs for planning, execution, and readiness.  Using the power of our new, cloud-based and FedRAMP compliant ‘Decision Lens Accelerate’ portfolio planning platform combined with algorithmic approaches to planning, scenario analysis, and execution, the mission impact of this project on the Air Force and the Department of Defense will be more agile, less risky decision making, resulting in increased readiness, more optimally allocated resources, and greater resiliency in the current threat environment,” says John Saaty, CEO and co-founder of Decision Lens.

This contract expands Decision Lens’ SBIR Phase I development to now demonstrate a novel capability reflective of feedback gathered across dozens of end-user interviews. Under this contract, Decision Lens will work with Government stakeholders using its cloud-based, collaborative portfolio planning platform to modernize and transform the planning and execution processes.

Source: Decision Lens