Decision Lens selected by DHS S&T

On December 27, Arlington, VA-based Decision Lens announced that it has been selected by the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) within the Department of Homeland Security.

According to Maria Ryan, vice president at Decision Lens, “The Department of Homeland Security was an early innovator and adopted Decision Lens many years ago modernizing its operations. As a result, the capabilities of and outcomes delivered by the platform are well known within the department. The new license within S&T demonstrates the broad applicability of the software to transforming government planning. We are excited to continue delivering value to DHS as they lead in operational excellence.”

Decision Lens will initially be leveraged to replace manual, forms-based surveys with a continuous, automated system mapped to an enterprise decision framework. The result will be a more dynamic system with role-specific surveys, more time available for data analysis, and dynamic outputs delivered in real-time.

In addition to cutting edge software, Decision Lens is assisting customers across the Department of Defense develop a quantitative criteria-based prioritization framework to enable data-driven decisions. The powerful combination of decision science in a commercial-off-the-shelf solution enhances agility, aligns resources to strategy, and provides better, faster decision making.

Source: Decision Lens

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