DataRobot announces strategic partnership with In-Q-Tel

DataRobot, based in Boston, MA, announced on March 26 its partnership with In-Q-Tel, Inc. (IQT), the strategic investor that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the U.S. Intelligence Community. The strategic development agreement with and investment from IQT will enable access to automated machine learning solutions for IQT’s partners, and empower them to use existing data to make faster predictive decisions in support of mission goals.

Data should be used to better prepare organizations and predict what’s to come; however, data has been underused as companies and government agencies struggle to find data scientists to meet the growing demands presented by new and more sophisticated threats. With the DataRobot platform, companies and agencies use their data to accurately forecast actions.

“DataRobot is the leader of automated machine learning used throughout commercial organizations, including banking, insurance, and healthcare. Our partnership with In-Q-Tel brings our ground breaking and proven AI [artificial intelligence] analytics to its government partners,” said Erin Hawley, vice president of public sector, DataRobot. “From identifying cyber threats to pinpointing fraud, DataRobot delivers sophisticated predictive analytics to enable faster, more accurate decisions. Government agencies may now unlock the value of big data  they have been collecting for years.”

Despite increasingly complex data, DataRobot transforms business analysts, data analysts, and other program staff into data scientists, enabling them to better leverage the data that has sat dormant in many federal agencies. Through open source and industry-leading algorithms, DataRobot delivers customized predictive models for an agency’s unique mission needs.

“As the pioneer in automated machine learning, DataRobot’s industry experience and knowledge makes their technology a valuable platform,” said Mike Graninger, partner, investments, IQT. “We believe the company’s capabilities will bring speed and accuracy to our partners’ data analysis.”

Source: DataRobot