Cubic’s multidomain LVC offerings on display

San Diego, CA-based Cubic Corporation’s Cubic Global Defense (CGD) business division will showcase its advancements in multi-domain training solutions at the 2019 Interservice/ Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) taking place in Orlando, Florida from December 2–5. I/ITSEC is the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training conference, organized by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA). With the theme of “winning the war of cognition by pushing readiness and lethality boundaries,” this year’s conference is led by the U.S. Air Force.

“With our decades of experience, we have developed proven technologies that will perfect human-machine performance for warfighters,” said Mike Knowles, president of Cubic Global Defense. “As modern-day warfare continues to evolve and we are faced with near-peer adversary threats, our mature solutions properly equip, train and engage warfighters with the critical skills necessary to achieve mission success in threat representative, multi-domain environments.”

Cubic will highlight the following solutions:

  • Live Training Systems: Cubic’s live training systems support platoon through brigade weapons capabilities, supporting the customers’ ability to conduct multi-domain training at Home Stations, Combat Training Centers and at the point of need. Cubic’s Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems (TESS) provide soldiers realistic representation of direct and indirect weapons. Using hybrid sensor technologies, Cubic has improved the accuracy of ballistic trajectories, shoot through concealment and target defilade, while also providing realistic battlefield effects.
  • Soldier/Squad Training System: Cubic’s close combat immersive training environment addresses the critical need to sharpen individual and squad collective combat skills. Leveraging mixed reality, soldier/squad weapons and realistic training scenarios, Cubic provides a scalable solution for squad, weapons skills, joint fires and use of force training tasks.
  • Synthetic Training Environment (STE): Cubic is the leader in STE-ready live and virtual training solutions. Soldiers are provided with the means to replicate multi-domain effects in an immersive training environment through the seamless integration of Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming (LVCG) training domains at the point of need. Cubic is the only company to be awarded both live and virtual STE programs and is actively engaged with industry partners to accelerate visual interfaces, the common synthetic environment and the integration of training devices to enhance the readiness of our soldiers.
  • Nexus Analytics: Nexus Analytics is a modular system that collects and synthesizes data from existing systems. It provides a data-backed understanding of soldier/unit readiness, enabling customers to conduct short, medium- and long-term learning to enhance their combat capabilities.
  • SLATE Validated LVC: Cubic’s Secure LVC Advanced Training Environment (SLATE) Advanced Training Demonstration (ATD) uses National Security Administration (NSA) Type-1 encryption to integrate virtual and constructive injects with live entities via the Government owned fifth-generation Advance Technology Waveform at Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS). Through blended LVC, SLATE ATD exposes fourth- and fifth-generation platforms to near-peer threat capabilities and densities while allowing for simultaneous operations at varying security levels.
  • Simplified Planning Execution Analysis and Reconstruction (SPEAR): Cubic’s next generation live monitoring and debrief mission support software suite for multi-domain operations and LVC training. Proven during Red Flag exercises, SPEAR saves mission crews valuable time in debriefing, while yielding higher quality insights for follow-on training through advanced real-time analytics and data archiving tools.
  • Synthetic Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR): Cubic’s Synthetic Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (SYN-ISR) solution supports joint exercises by providing customizable virtual environments with a variety of manned and unmanned sensor feeds. SYN-ISR provides a mobile LVC application that injects live players into the rich, geo-specific virtual environment.
  • Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment: Cubic’s Immersive Virtual Shipboard Environment (IVSE) for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is a game-based learning (GBL) technology that supports the U.S. Navy’s LCS program by immersing trainees in a cutting-edge, 3D virtual environment that is practically identical to real-life shipboard scenarios. Our GBL solutions accelerate learning and enhances knowledge retention with unlimited “reps and sets.” The depth and breadth of Cubic’s LCS IVSE implementation is unparalleled, dwarfing any current or prior GBL development effort.

Source: Cubic