Cubic’s DTECH Labs releases M3X line of secure networking solutions

Cubic Corporation  of San Diego, CA announced on July 24 that its subsidiary, DTECH Labs (DTECH), which operates within the Cubic Mission Solutions business division, launched its M3X network communications solutions for military, government, first responder and commercial customers. The M3X product line enhances size, weight and power (SWaP), reliability, agility and scalability by providing a portable kit capable of supporting unclassified and classified data and voice communications over an internet connection anywhere in the world.

“M3X is the evolution of the best features of our earlier solutions,” said Michael Barthlow, vice president of secure networking, Cubic Mission Solutions. “This new family of modules boasts a powerful combination of smaller size, advanced custom interface and rugged design. It also provides the best design, development and delivery of tactical cloud solutions to the edge of the enterprise – enabling mission success, anytime, anywhere.”

The M3X product line consists of the M3X-CMP server module, M3X-RTR router module, M3X-S24 switch module and M3X-BPS power module. Together, these modules evolve the core benefits of other M3 solutions – mobile, modular and micro – to improve resiliency, reduce complexity, empower mobility and increase security during the mission. The modules are constructed to synchronize with the user’s environment, whether it’s a forward operating base, communications on the move (COTM), aircraft, vehicle or executive travel team.

To improve user experience, SWaP has been reduced in the M3X modules compared to other M3 platforms, while still delivering powerful networking capabilities. A patent-pending pin design enables low-profile power and data connection between the modules and improved connection lifetime. The reconfigurable modules use an improved, patent-pending interlocking rail system, which lets users stack modules horizontally or vertically based on the mission needs. Built with the user in mind, M3X modules are environmentally cooled and can stand up to rugged travel and austere environments for easier transport.

Source: Cubic