Cubic unveils new gateway module

San Diego, CA-based Cubic Corporation announced on May 21 that its Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS) business division introduced a new low power, high-capability cellular and land mobile radio (LMR) gateway module at Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, Florida. The new multifunction gateway, named the M3-SE-MFGW, is part of the proven DTECH M3-SE product family which boasts mobile, modular and micro features. This new module is based on Cubic’s latest Vocality Gateway Suite software that has a simple-to-use interface and a modular application-based design. The M3-SE-MFGW provides a robust mobility router platform for cellular uplinks and can also support up to eight separate radio networks.

“Cubic’s addition of the multifunction gateway expands the capabilities of our current LMR modules with the added flexibility of routing and cellular network functions. We remain committed to providing our customers innovative interoperability solutions to support mission critical communications,” said Mike Barthlow, senior vice president and general manager of Rugged IoT Solutions, Cubic Mission Solutions.

An ideal solution for initial, early and sustained special operations, the M3-SE-MFGW is one of Cubic’s smallest and most secure, man-portable communications interoperability systems. It supports both unicast and multicast voice operations, allowing a single dispatch operator to connect multiple radio channels or vendors together to ensure everyone can easily communicate with each other. 

The system is also able to operate directly from power over ethernet (PoE) provided by another network device, enhancing the flexibility of employment of the system in a tactical operations center or on a mobile platform. A power passthrough connection allows for direct mounting to existing M3-S3 product family devices without the need for additional power supplies or external power cabling. 

Source: Cubic