Cubic demonstrates successful development of fully integrated tactical two-way sensor data transport solution to support the Unified Combatant Command

CubicCubic Corporation of San Diego, CA announced on August 22 that its subsidiaries TeraLogics, DTECH Labs (DTECH) and GATR Technologies (GATR), which operate within the Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS) business division, received initial purchase orders to provide the Unified Combatant Commands (UCC) with Tactical Two-way Sensor Data Transport (T2SDT) baseband kits. Cubic’s integrated T2SDT solution will upgrade existing Digital Video Broadcasting-Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS) terminal capabilities.

T2SDT terminals are high-data rate, ruggedized Full Motion Video (FMV) terminals that support the backhaul, storage, reception, transrating/transcoding and overall management of real-time FMV. T2SDT terminals provide a small footprint, easy-to-deploy solution that supports multiple high-definition videos; saves satellite bandwidth for each video by using latest video encoding standards; significantly reduces size, weight and power; and allows each terminal to manage and quickly understand the ingested real-time video.

“The U.S. government evaluated various hardware and software systems, including terminals, encoders, ruggedized network equipment and video management systems among others, to find best-in-class-solutions. When the evaluation was complete, the majority of the core solutions selected were from Cubic,” said Bradley Feldmann, chief executive officer and president, Cubic Corporation. “This award is a great example of Cubic subsidiaries working together – demonstrating the inherent synergy in our C4ISR strategy – to provide our customers with innovative and effective solutions cross a critical mission chain.”

After a series of government evaluations and demonstrations, in addition to trials of video management software, ruggedized hardware and mobile satellite terminals, UCC recognized TeraLogics’ Unified Video® cloud management application, DTECH’s network and server components and GATR’s 2.4-meter inflatable satellite communication terminal as the best component parts for T2SDT. Cubic’s TeraLogics is leading the delivery effort, providing UCC with the final integrated baseband kits.

Cubic’s solution fulfills UCC’s requirement to backhaul sensor data from Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets deployed around the globe in support of High Value Target positive identification and other direct action missions. In addition to the sensor data backhaul requirement, Cubic’s solution also provides command and control services over the same tactical kit to support user communities across the UCC.

The UCC is a U.S. Department of Defense command that is established to provide effective command and control of U.S. military forces, regardless of branch of service. There are nine combatant commands (COCOM), including USAFRICOM, USCENTCOM, USEUCOM, USNORTHCOM, USPACOM, USSOUTHCOM, USSOCOM, USSTRATCOM and USTRANSCOM.