Core4ce secures NIWC Atlantic contract

On June 11, Arlington, VA-based Core4ce, a federal contractor with expertise in data and cyber operations, announced that it has been awarded a five-year $90 million Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Production contract by the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic to expand its support of Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) operational environments across the center’s network. The new contract builds on Core4ce’s long-term partnership with NIWC Atlantic and was preceded by a Defense Health Infrastructure and Application Engineering contract award in 2022.

Under the scope of the contract, Core4ce will provide the engineering, architecture and operations needed to support the delivery of full-scale CSSP services by NIWC Atlantic to the Department of Defense, leveraging a prototype solution developed in 2022. This contract will help progress DoD’s larger information technology strategy to adopt commercial cloud services and support defensive cyber operations in PaaS and SaaS environments. Core4ce will transition its previously developed cloud CSSP prototype into several operational networks, assisting the CSSP in optimizing and improving services.

“The dedication and hard work of our team on the initial prototype was instrumental in securing this award,” said Don Oswalt, SVP of strategic partnerships at Core4ce. “Core4ce has a strong record of designing, engineering and deploying complex enterprise networks. This contract is the latest testament to our team’s ability to integrate defense-in-depth capabilities into the cloud to transform modern computing environments that meet the needs of the mission.”

With support from Core4ce, NIWC Atlantic will implement a standard vendor-agnostic architecture within a cloud environment, migrate existing customers to utilize it and build the necessary capacity to expand service offerings to new subscribers using multiple cloud service providers.

“Core4ce is proud to serve as a trusted partner to NIWC, and we look forward to further advancing the agency’s mission to drive innovation and warfighter information advantage,” said Mike Morehouse, CEO of Core4ce. “This partnership underscores Core4ce’s commitment to delivering critical technical solutions that enhance the cyber capabilities of our national security community.”

Source: Core4ce

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