Congressman Crenshaw hails Jacksonville (FL) Reserve Intelligence Center

Rep. Ander Crenshaw
Rep. Ander Crenshaw

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has selected the Jacksonville Joint Reserve Intelligence Center (JRIC), located at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL, as the “Small JRIC of the Year.”

The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, lauded the Jacksonville JRIC when he wrote, “the award is based on the following criteria: the ability to optimize JRIC management though effective space and systems utilization, while providing maximum flexible access based on mission requirements; the ability to facilitate joint access, joint training, innovation, and a collaborative work effort; and the ability to maximize reserve utilization in support of Defense Intelligence by fostering the integration of multiple intelligence disciplines.”

“It is a pleasure and honor to represent the great men and women who serve at the Jacksonville JRIC and to see them recognized for their selfless service and dedication,” said Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-FL), whose congressional district covers Jacksonville, in remarks delivered to the House of Representatives on January 31. “The hard work of the men and women who serve in and around Jacksonville illustrate the importance of the First Coast to national defense, and reiterate that our community’s efforts to be an anchor of national security.”

JRICs are designed to recognize the joint nature of defense intelligence and at the same time to improve the military services’ ability to meet emerging unit and tactical level intelligence requirements, explained Rep. Crenshaw. This reach-back capability has the added benefit of reducing travel and per diem costs associated with traditional annual training and minimizing forward deployed forces’ footprint and sustainment; permitting reservists to perform their mission at home station.