CISO Global unveils threat intelligence feed

On September 13, Scottsdale, AZ-based CISO Global announced that it is expanding its capabilities by deepening its threat intelligence feed and incorporating it into existing services.  Named “Threat Informed,” this new data stream mines the DarkNet, an overlay of secret networks comprised of communication channels that can only be accessed with specific software and processes used mostly by malicious hackers, to identify cybersecurity threat intelligence that is otherwise difficult to find and/or discern.

Leveraging proprietary DarkNet technology and other intellectual property, CISO Global executes its own real-time, continuous DarkNet searches, validating the security of its clients to ensure they have not been compromised. Threat actors routinely trade in compromised username and password combinations to execute malicious attacks. Whereas many threat feeds retain outdated information, CISO uses proprietary methodology to verify that its threat feed is current, to ensure relevance and accuracy.

“We have been focused on developing our own threat intelligence as an organization for some time to improve on other feeds we utilize,” said CISO Global CTO Jerald Dawkins, Ph.D. “We believe that the best way to leverage this information is to offer it as an integrated part of our whole solution set. Threat Informed is the result of the top-notch thought leadership on our intelligence team that is taking initiative to ensure  what we provide to our clients is an integrated approach to cybersecurity.”

Cyber adversaries heavily rely on stolen or compromised login credentials due to their relative ease of accessibility. These credentials can be procured on smaller communication channels within the DarkNet, known as darknets, or obtained through inadequate user password practices, such as recycling passwords across various platforms, both for business and personal use. However, the most reliable source for stolen credentials is from darknets, where data thieves often post lists for use by other malicious hackers.

Since threat actors often seek the path of least resistance, this route involves the exploitation of illicitly acquired login details. According to the 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, stolen or compromised login information is the underlying cause of more than 50% of all security breaches.

“We are committed to helping our customers drive continuous improvement to making cybersecurity more effective,” said CISO Global CEO David Jemmett. “This new capability builds on our existing IP and enables us to bring a more holistic experience to clients that are looking for world-class cyber techniques and strategies. With our newly integrated intelligence feed, we are able to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.”

Source: CISO Global

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