CIA launches Signature School program at Baruch College

On August 31, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) launched its Signature School Program at Baruch College, a senior college in The City University of New York system. The program will deepen cooperation between the CIA and Baruch College by creating more opportunities for students and faculty to engage Agency officers and learn about employment opportunities. The program at Baruch College is the CIA’s third Signature School.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo has noted the importance of building a talented and diverse workforce. “Diversity carries special importance here at CIA. Because of our global charter, we need talent from all cultures and backgrounds to accomplish our mission,” Pompeo said. “CIA must be an employer of choice for all Americans who want to serve our country, a place where officers of every description can rise as far as their talent and ambition can take them.”

President of Baruch College, Mitchel Wallerstein, PhD, said, “Baruch College has one of the nation’s most diverse student bodies, with individuals representing more than 160 countries, who speak 129 different languages in their homes in addition to English, studying on our campus.” He continued, “We have strong programs in virtually every area of relevance to a large, governmental organization with international scope and responsibilities, including all of the business professions, public policy, and international affairs. I am certain that in the years to come, the CIA-Baruch Signature School Program will provide our students with numerous, exciting career options both in the US and abroad.”

Signature Schools Program
As part of CIA’s recruitment strategy, select universities are chosen to serve as Signature Schools. These schools will host a broad range of recruitment activities to build sustainable relationships with university staff and personnel and to maintain contact with qualified and diverse applicant pools.

Baruch College
Baruch College is ranked among the nation’s top colleges by US News & World Report, Forbes, The Princeton Review, among others. The campus is within easy reach of Wall Street, Midtown, and the global headquarters of major companies and non-profit and cultural organizations, giving students unparalleled internship, career, and networking opportunities.

The College’s more than 18,000 students have been repeatedly named one of the most ethnically diverse student bodies in the United States. Through its three schools—the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs; the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences; and the Zicklin School of Business, the largest collegiate school of business in the United States—Baruch College offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees to students from every corner of New York City and around the world.

Source: CIA