Carahsoft and Feature Labs partner to bring advanced machine learning and AI to the public sector

Boston, MA-based Feature Labs announced on July 19 a partnership with Reston, VA-based  Carahsoft Technology Corp. to distribute Feature Labs solutions to the public sector through Carahsoft’s NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) contract. With Feature Labs, Carahsoft and its reseller partners can help government customers create and deploy successful machine learning models at scale with greater efficiency and reduced deployment times, allowing them to support new initiatives, identify critical insights and better understand their data.

Feature Labs eliminates one of the most persistent bottlenecks in the data science process – feature engineering. Data scientists and software engineers need to ensure their data sets are optimized for machine learning models, and this iterative process can take months or more to manually complete. Feature Labs quickly scales data science projects by performing automated and precise feature engineering on structured data, so predictive modeling workflows are done in days.

“We continually look for innovative technologies we can offer our customers and reseller partners, and Feature Labs solves a critical problem and provides immediate ROI to any machine learning project,” said Craig Abod, Carahsoft president. “Adding Feature Labs into our machine learning and artificial intelligence partner portfolio demonstrates to our customers that we value their success by bringing them the most advanced solutions the market has to offer.”

Feature Labs’ tools and APIs are based on open source software and proprietary algorithms for automated feature engineering. Data science teams can use the Feature Labs solution to reduce time-consuming processes by quickly evaluating models and providing critical performance feedback for rapid iteration of prediction problems.

Feature Labs CEO Max Kanter said, “Our partnership with Carahsoft will enable an entire market sector to deploy machine learning projects easier, faster and without the efficacy risks that plague so many projects before they even begin. Our Deep Feature Synthesis algorithm gives data scientists and software engineers full confidence that their predictive models will achieve their desired outcomes.”

Source: Feature Labs