Booz Allen Hamilton and Raytheon|Websense announce strategic alliance

Booz Allen 112Booz Allen Hamilton of McLean, VA and Raytheon|Websense* announced on August 14 a new strategic alliance that brings together world-class consulting practices, threat intelligence, analytics and leading cyber technology to proactively defend an enterprise from insider risks. Booz Allen’s Insider4Sight consulting and integration services combined with Raytheon’s SureView® Insider Threat solution provides organizations with a holistic approach to insider threat detection and incident management.

“Organizations are paying more and more attention to protecting their enterprises against the growing cyber threats, and as a result, they are putting more personnel, IT and consulting resources toward managing this risk. While managing the outside risk is critical, equally as important is the threat from within,” said Brad Medairy, Booz Allen Hamilton senior vice president. “In many cases, the insider threat is accidental. It comes from the new employee who posts online comments about the new job. Suddenly, this employee is the target of a phishing attack. Or it is the employee who is not up to speed with security protocols and inappropriately handles data. These situations, as well as those that are intentional and illegal, happen all too frequently.”

With the increasing connectedness of information networks, decision-makers are looking to intelligence-driven tools and processes that provide full vision of their information systems. The strategic alliance between Booz Allen and Raytheon|Websense delivers by helping organizations prepare for, detect, mitigate and respond to insider threats. Incorporating these capabilities delivers increased awareness of organizational strengths and challenges for leadership to properly assess when creating incident response plans.

“As the largest provider of insider threat products to the U.S. government, we believe this alliance with Booz Allen will give clients scalable, and easy-to-use insider threat solution,” said Ed Hammersla, president of Raytheon Cyber Products. “This partnership blends world-class threat management tradecraft, intelligence and analytics with the leading cyber security technology to proactively defend our clients’ most important assets.”

Booz Allen’s Insider4Sight is part of Booz Allen’s Predictive Intelligence offerings, which include PI Cyber, Global4SightTM, TalentInSightTM and CognitionTM Platform services that help organizations understand their adversaries and respond aggressively with the tools and approach needed to anticipate, prioritize and mitigate emerging threats.

*Effective May 29, Raytheon Company of Waltham, MA and Vista Equity Partners have completed a joint venture transaction creating a new company that combines Websense, a Vista Equity portfolio company, and Raytheon Cyber Products.

Source: Booz Allen Hamilton