Booz Allen Hamilton and Hortonworks align to advance business transformation

Booz Allen logo 112Today’s organizations are moving at an unprecedented rate of speed, whether they seek quantum leaps in efficiency and cost-savings or actionable insights into intractable problems. Radical change is the expectation and technology offers the ability to analyze data as never before. As a result, buyers are demanding individualized experiences and enterprise architecture is fundamentally shifting towards an open model. To help clients take advantage of this evolution, management and technology consulting firm and data science leader McLean, VA-based Booz Allen Hamilton and Hortonworks, Inc. announced a strategic alliance on February 3.

Booz Allen and Hortonworks have been working together to solve some of the world’s hardest problems – including detecting the next wave of threats in cyber security, speeding drug discovery, improving transportation, detecting disease outbreaks, identifying financial crime, and thwarting threats to our military and nation. Booz Allen currently has one of the largest number of Hadoop certified engineers in the industry.

Through this alliance, clients across the federal and commercial sectors will now seamlessly access Booz Allen’s talent and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™) to build and gain transformational insights. Clients will benefit from the integration of Booz Allen’s expertise in data science, IOT, data strategy and maximizing ROI, and cloud architecture into their Hadoop adoption plans through the completely open source Apache Hadoop data platform architected for the enterprise.

Peter Guerra, vice president and leader in Booz Allen’s data science practice noted, “Our alliance helps our government and companies at all stages of Hadoop adoption – from those considering making the purchase to those who have implemented it and need to fully harness its power. By pairing curiosity, tenacity and innovation, we help ensure the maximum return on our clients’ investments to address their hardest challenges.”

The intersection of Hadoop technology with Booz Allen’s expertise and client knowledge has created an environment where data science is solving important problems ranging from evaluating the potential for debt default to managing healthcare supply chains, to finding cyber attacks, and more.

Booz Allen uses Hadoop to help uncover new insights from clinical and regulatory data as well as biomedical research data. One such example: a genomic sequence analysis engine that uses data from the 1000 Genomes Project to conduct Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) for the identification of genetic variants linked to disease. And in another case, Booz Allen developed a cloud-based population health analysis tool that, using Hadoop, helps investigate and uncover disease risk factors.

“Hortonworks and Booz Allen are committed to helping enterprises around the globe manage all data and analytics for insight-driven decisions,” said Chris Sullivan, vice president of global channels and alliances at Hortonworks. “This alliance will enhance Booz Allen’s ability to implement enterprise-level big data software, including HDP, to turn data into an asset, further addressing the business and technology needs of organizations.”

In the latest step in Booz Allen’s efforts to help financial industry client navigate big data decisions, Booz Allen recently received certification in the Hortonworks Industry Certified program for the financial vertical for its Financial Intelligence Toolkit (FIT). FIT is an analytics-based platform that helps global financial institutions identify patterns and insights related to their transactions and customer data. For example, the platform can help identify the correlation between customers and anti-money laundering false positive alerts, and provide suggestions for transaction monitoring rule changes. Companies that use FIT can create more robust risk models, validate risk assessments, and refine models based on typology assessments – all contributing to better evaluating financial crime risk across the enterprise.

Source: Booz Allen Hamilton