Boeing delivers maritime signals intelligence system ahead of schedule

SSEE Boeing has delivered the first system in the U.S. Navy’s latest order of the Ship’s Signal Exploitation Equipment Increment F (SSEE-F) program ahead of schedule.

This early delivery gives the Navy time for additional testing that supports future integration of new system features and software releases. Boeing anticipates delivering all systems in the current order on an accelerated schedule.

“Receiving this and future systems well ahead of schedule is a real advantage for our warfighters,” said Chris Parente, Principal APM, Information Operations, PEO C4I. “We’re able to test new software releases and features to support future fleet integration, without disruption to current missions or ongoing fleet operations.”

Boeing has already delivered four previous orders for the SSEE-F program. Significant production gains were made last year, with all systems in the last order delivered early.

“As the Navy’s partner in building this critical signals intelligence system, we are focused on adding value for our customer,” said Dan Marini, Boeing SSEE-F program manager. “We’re constantly looking at what we can improve next that gives them an advantage.”

The SSEE-F systems are built by Argon ST, a wholly owned Boeing subsidiary. SSEE-F is a tactical cryptologic system which performs all signal processing functions necessary to acquire, identify, locate and analyze signals for external and internal information. SSEE-F builds on the capabilities of Increment E, with the latest in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, embedded processing and server network technologies.

Maritime signals intelligence is one of Boeing’s many C4ISR capabilities that provide a seamless flow of information – from collection to aggregation to analysis – for customers’ enduring need for situational awareness.