BlueHalo acquires Ipsolon Research

On November 29, Arlington, VA-based BlueHalo, a provider of critical capabilities and technologies across space, air, and cyber domains, announced it has acquired Ipsolon Research. BlueHalo is a portfolio company of Arlington Capital Partners, a Washington, DC-area private equity firm with extensive experience investing in regulated industries. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Founded in 2018, Ipsolon designs and manufactures high-performance, ultra-small form factor software defined radios (SDR) for use in mission-critical spaces constrained by harsh environments.  Ipsolon’s flagship SDR products include Cerberus, which offers leading functionalities and features in a small form factor that is made for movement on both land and air, and Chameleon, which provides substantial processing and multi-antenna capabilities in a single SDR module.  Ipsolon’s defense-grade equipment, and specialization in ultra-small form factor SDRs, allows for a wide variety of use cases in military applications.  Ipsolon’s reputation and ability to deliver rapid prototyping of SDR hardware and software for SDR applications has enabled the Company to deliver its critical solutions across a broad portfolio of demanding customers throughout the Department of Defense (DoD), including the United States Navy and United States Air Force.

The acquisition of Ipsolon complements several ongoing strategic and technological initiatives at BlueHalo and will allow for expedited timeframes for rapid prototyping and product delivery while ensuring quality across the supply chain, the company said. Ipsolon’s SDRs are already deployed within several BlueHalo products, and with Ipsolon now under BlueHalo’s roof the company plans to further integrate Ipsolon’s SDRs across the product portfolio.  Ipsolon’s proprietary hardware and software, coupled with BlueHalo’s existing technology, will allow the combined enterprise to deliver a superior suite of products to support the warfighter in the ever-evolving next generation battlefield.

“As SDRs continue to become more critical and ubiquitous in the development of next generation technology across the full portfolio of BlueHalo’s products, Ipsolon stood out as a perfect fit to further accelerate our mission and create efficiencies for our customers, deliver rapid capabilities, and facilitate increased creativity by having in-house SDR capabilities,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, chief executive officer of BlueHalo. “We are incredibly excited to bring Ipsolon into BlueHalo and provide an integrated and superior set of solution offerings to our customers as we seek to continue innovating at mission speed.”

David Wodlinger, a managing partner at Arlington Capital Partners, said, “In today’s increasingly volatile global risk environment, rapid innovation in defense technology is critical for the national security community. Adding Ipsolon’s cutting-edge SDR technology and agile engineering workforce to BlueHalo will allow the company to accelerate its product development lifecycle.”

John Shanton, CEO and founder of Ipsolon, shared, “We are incredibly excited to partner with BlueHalo as we continue to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.  Joining BlueHalo will allow us to deliver an expanded set of capabilities and resources to both new and existing customers as we focus on achieving an even greater mission impact.  We’re thrilled to continue to push boundaries and deliver critical SDR technology and capabilities to the warfighter with BlueHalo.”

Henry Albers, a vice president at Arlington Capital Partners, said, “John is a respected thought leader in the SDR industry and will be a key member of the BlueHalo team going forward as we look to advance our adaptive phased array technologies. We are excited to welcome the entire Iposlon team to the company and look forward to incorporating their technology and expertise in many of our core programs.”

Source: BlueHalo

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