BlackSky wins space-based imagery contract

On May 31, Herndon, VA-based BlackSky Technology Inc. announced that it won a $7 million contract renewal to provide dynamic space-based imagery and analytics monitoring services to a legacy international government customer.

“With disruptive speed and economics BlackSky is delivering unparalleled value to multiple international ministries of defense with automated real-time high-frequency, low-latency imagery and analytics products,” said Brian E. O’Toole, BlackSky CEO. “Our software-first approach enables immediate and scalable access to commercially available AI-assisted tasking-to-delivery systems that ensure mission-critical intelligence arrives in-hand to operators and analysts in a matter of minutes.”

The customer will have the ability to draw from multiple intelligence sources through the BlackSky Spectra tasking and analytics platform with direct access to BlackSky’s proprietary high-resolution, electro-optical constellation and access to partner constellations for all-weather, day and night, and very high-resolution imagery.

“BlackSky Spectra is an industry-leading, data-agnostic SaaS platform that can fuse data from multiple sources and is well-suited to solve the diverse set of critical national security challenges our customers face every day,” added O’Toole. “In addition to having a highly intuitive user interface, Spectra fits seamlessly into customer workflows and provides immediate operational mission value at scale.”

Source: BlackSky

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