BlackSky wins AFRL contract

On March 13, Herndon, VA-based BlackSky Technology Inc. announced that it won a competitive $24 million Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) ceiling contract to develop and demonstrate moving target engagement services.

“BlackSky’s software-first, AI approach will add depth and scale to commercial space-based moving target detection, tracking and identification at machine speed,” said Brian O’Toole, BlackSky CEO.

Using the BlackSky Spectra tasking and analytics platform, the company will use its own and third-party data to demonstrate how various AI and machine learning techniques affect tasking, multi-INT collection, automatic tipping-and-cueing, direct downlink and moving target engagement processing timelines within an exercise environment.

“BlackSky Spectra has been optimized to perform in resource-limited environments and will demonstrate the ability to fuse information in a hybrid setting from multiple government ISR and commercial data sources,” said O’Toole.

Source: BlackSky

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