BlackSea acquires Blue Tide Marine

On March 20, BlackSea Technologies announced it has acquired Blue Tide Marine. BlackSea Technologies is a portfolio company of Razors Edge Ventures, a Reston, VA growth equity firm with extensive experience in the national security sector.

The acquisition is a key development in strengthening support for maritime operations, particularly focusing on the critical needs of warfighters. End-to-End UxS operations and material readiness will improve deployability, controllability, and reliability of uncrewed platforms and systems.

Blue Tide Marine, established by a team of retired US Navy SEALs, Special Operators, engineers, and subject matter experts, brings to the business a wealth of expertise navigating complex surface and subsurface operations. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions aimed at ensuring operational excellence in Anti-Access/Area Denial environments.

This new partnership between BlackSea Technologies and Blue Tide Marine is designed to deliver customers the state-of-the-art in successfully coordinating manned teams and unmanned, autonomous platforms, offering asymmetric capabilities in support of critical missions.

Source: BlackSea Technologies

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