Battelle awarded $14.6M DTIC task order

Columbus, OH-based Battelle announced on November 16 that it was awarded a five-year, $14.6 million task order by the U.S. Air Force Installation Contracting Agency (AFICA) under the Department of Defense Information Analysis Center’s (DoD IAC) Cyber Security Technical Area Task (CS TAT) Multi-Award Contract to support the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) in the development and enhancement of DTIC’s capabilities for search, discovery, and analysis of technical data and information.

DTIC is the central repository for research and engineering information for the Department of Defense (DoD) and is a DoD Field Activity reporting to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (ASD(R&E)). The intent of the program is to make DoD-funded research more easily accessible to both public audiences and to authenticated and authorized users. Doing so supports DoD’s and others’ ability to build upon past research, avoid pitfalls, and to make critical, well-informed decisions that can lead to more effective technology development and efficient use of taxpayer-funded research.

Battelle will assist DTIC to meet the challenge of each DTIC user to efficiently discover and consume Scientific and Technical Information (STI) and utilize the results in their work in formats prepped for consumption by their stakeholders. Battelle will specifically achieve these objectives by baselining, evaluating, designing and delivering initial operational prototypes; measuring effectiveness; and recommending and implementing refined approaches to accelerate the delivery and user understanding and utility of DoD STI.

Battelle and teammates, Securboration and Information International Associates (IIa), will build on and leverage previous experience with the Department of Energy, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and DTIC in developing improved search interfaces with other government repositories, performing training and outreach activities to users that are informed by analysis of user behavior, and developing innovative, user-driven visualizations of search results. The team’s experience within the current environment and knowledge of existing search capabilities provide a solid base for development of the next generation search system.

“We’re pleased to continue to provide these services to DTIC and it pairs very nicely with an earlier win this year of a $16.8 million task order to make peer-reviewed DoD-funded research and datasets publicly available,” said Nancy McMillan, resource group manager for Battelle’s Advanced Analytics. “It was a solid team effort that included our Battelle experts and a strong partnership with Securboration and IIa.”

Source: Battelle