BAE Systems unveils ADAPT virtual environment

On November 28, BAE Systems unveiled its advanced digital analysis and prototyping testbed, also known as ADAPT, at the annual I/ITSEC in Orlando, FL. ADAPT is an integrated virtual environment designed to provide comprehensive analysis across multiple warfighting domains, improving the ability of decision-makers to predict, adapt, and win in contested, evolving environments.

ADAPT models and simulates complex scenarios, encompassing platforms, sensors, networks, data, and processing algorithms in real-time—a capability that is not achievable with high-level simulators or operations analysis tools.

“ADAPT provides the unique ability to simulate tactical-level data to understand how advanced algorithms and software perform within a digital environment to enable decision advantage within battle networks,” said Matt Crozier, director of advanced technology prototyping at BAE Systems Intelligence & Security. “Its open system architecture allows rapid integration of additional simulators and digital models in real-time within live, virtual, and constructive environments.”

The virtual environment’s high-fidelity platform can simulate real-world combined joint all domain command and control (C-JADC2) scenarios. In addition to mission and information analysis, ADAPT provides system of systems analysis through the integration of model-based system engineering in which it can assess, trade, and optimize architecture and requirements in a digital environment.

Source: BAE Systems

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