BAE Systems launches Dynamic Cartography platform

BAE Systems of Arlington, VA announced on June 7 the launch of its new Dynamic Cartography platform. The platform offers geospatial data and on-the-fly analytics derived from a variety of sources, including military and commercial satellites, to create and update digital maps in real time — all with topography, human geography, and imagery products layered throughout the data. It is the closest solution to a living map experience to date, according to the company, providing end-to-end capability in data discovery and analytics, and active integration and dissemination of new data sets more quickly than traditional mapping solutions. The solution will be available soon for mission planning activities across a broad range of military and civil services.

“Our new Dynamic Cartography solution delivers geospatial content embedded with change detection to consistently monitor imagery, comparative vector data, and social media to ultimately provide constantly updated maps for our end users,” said Scott Murray, director of content products for BAE Systems. “We pair that with predictive analysis models to target areas of the globe that are mission critical for up-to-the-minute mapping our customers have never had access to in the past.”

The company is applying elements of this new technology to our ongoing GEOINT Data Services program with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to automate geo-analytics, accelerate Foundation GEOINT maintenance, and simplify data dissemination. The solution is fully customizable to the customer’s mission and area of interest, using machine learning and advanced remote sensing tools to enrich and enhance spatial context and decision-making capability.

Source: BAE Systems