BAE Systems launches corporate social risk monitoring and security analysis service

Corporate_Security 112BAE Systems of McLean, VA announced on January 5 that it is launching a new Corporate Security Analysis service to assist companies with social risk monitoring and regional security analysis. The analysis-on-demand service optimizes open source and social media feeds to detect malicious or inadvertent leaks of sensitive information and intellectual property, potential insider threats, social engineering attempts, smear campaigns, and other issues of concern. Companies can also use the service to gauge a local population’s sentiment and gain a broader understanding of the geopolitical environments in which they operate.

“Many businesses have hardened their infrastructure against network intrusions but have yet to achieve advance warning of these attacks, or a complete understanding of who is behind them,” said Peder Jungck, vice president and chief technology officer of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector. “Our analysts seamlessly fuse data from an abundance of streams and sources into clear and actionable reports that help corporate security teams protect their most valuable assets, whether they are foreign, domestic, or virtual.”

The BAE Systems approach applies proven analytical techniques, leveraging both proprietary and commercial off-the-shelf technology, and goes beyond merely reporting what information was collected by providing customers with relevant and insightful analysis. The Corporate Security Analysis service employs veteran intelligence analysts capable of navigating multiple layers of the web including traditional and social media, but also deep web forums, niche discussion boards, and file sharing spaces to identify activity of interest and potential impact to business operations.

BAE Systems analysts with regional expertise also consider the client’s specific area of operation, the nature of their business in that area, and the company’s values in creating actionable intelligence reports. By analyzing local news sources in their native language, as well as national news and social media, BAE Systems experts can extract cultural nuances, discover points of influence, and identify emerging trends, allowing clients to focus their attention and prioritize resources to avoid potential problems and develop effective business strategies.

The analysis-on-demand model is also designed to assist security managers prepare for special events, whether they are as global as an international sporting event, or as local as annual shareholder meetings.

“It is difficult for physical security departments to shift from a response-based security posture to an intelligence-led approach if they lack the resources to attain timely and relevant information,” said DeEtte Gray, president of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector. “Our Corporate Security Analysis service not only delivers enhanced situational awareness, it also provides clients with an affordable alternative to on-site analyst staffing and technical solutions.”

The Corporate Security Analysis service is provided by BAE Systems’ Advanced Analytics Lab team based in McLean, Virginia. Analysts can also be deployed to customer sites as needed. The service is the latest addition to the broader portfolio of BAE Systems products and services designed to address cybersecurity and data management needs.

BAE Systems provides intelligence and security services to manage big data, inform big decisions, and support big missions. BAE Systems delivers a broad range of solutions and services including intelligence analysis, cyber operations, IT, systems development, systems integration, and operations and maintenance to enable the U.S. military and government to recognize, manage, and defeat threats. The company takes pride in supporting critical national security missions that protect the nation and those who serve.

Source: BAE Systems