BAE Systems announces partners to upgrade Australia’s radar network

BAE square 112BAE Systems Australia announced on September 4 a team of industry partners that ensures the best of Australian expertise is in place for its bid to upgrade Australia’s long-range High Frequency (HF) radar network.

Central to BAE Systems’ team is a partnership with leading defence systems integrator, Raytheon Australia, that will deliver unparalleled systems integration experience and expertise to the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) project.

BAE Systems Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Glynn Phillips, in announcing the partnership with Raytheon Australia said: “Since 1980 BAE Systems has contributed to the development and delivery of JORN, and we are very pleased to strengthen this unique experience with Raytheon’s proven software and systems integration capability.”

As a key strategic partner on the team, Raytheon Australia’s Managing Director, Michael Ward, added: “Raytheon Australia is pleased to partner with BAE Systems to upgrade and support the Jindalee Operational Radar Network. Together, we have the Australian engineers and technicians with the experience and capability needed to upgrade Australia’s radar network to provide world class surveillance coverage of Australia’s northern approaches.”

The team announced by BAE Systems today includes South Australian-based defence company Daronmont Technologies and facilities management company RCR Resolve FM. Daronmont has niche systems integration, software and engineering expertise that complements the team. This Australian SME will also provide sounders and transponders for all JORN sites as well as niche software products. RCR Resolve FM will contribute remote site facilities management to the team. The company has extensive remote site experience in adjacent industries, as well as an established network of 50 depots.

BAE Systems Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Glynn Phillips, said: “We are very pleased to be able to bring together a group of companies with the in-country expertise and technological skills necessary to upgrade and support JORN.

“We have selected our partners not only to ensure that the Commonwealth is supported by leaders in our individual fields, but to deliver a program where local knowledge, local expertise and local talent will contribute to the evolution of JORN, ensuring sovereign control of the technology, and building a foundation for future defence exports.”

If selected for the project, the HF technology, software and system integration knowledge from a 600-strong, highly-skilled local workforce will ensure that the upgrade to JORN is delivered efficiently and effectively. More than 20 specialist SMEs will also join the team to ensure high levels of innovation and broader industry participation.

Source: BAE Systems