BAE Systems and Fujitsu collaborate on cyber threat intelligence sharing

BAE May 2016BAE Systems of McLean, VA announced on May 16 a partnership with Fujitsu of Japan to implement a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) sharing system. The system demonstrates the utility of sharing cyber threat information internationally — using industry standards and open source tools — as a means of improving an organization’s overall cyber defense.

CTI sharing is becoming increasingly critical to improving the effective cyber defense capabilities of organizations. Recent large-scale information thefts have prompted new legislation and policy calling for government and commercial entities to share intelligence of potential cyber threats to improve overall defense. The cyber threat intelligence sharing system developed as part of this partnership enhances the company’s ability to provide universal protection across both physical and virtual worlds, for both commercial and government customers.

“This partnership builds upon our strong working relationship with Fujitsu,” said Peder Jungck, chief technology officer of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector. “As a team, we’re producing some of the most cutting-edge solutions to manage our customers’ defense and security needs, regardless of the industry.”

For this collaboration, BAE Systems leveraged its deep expertise in CTI analysis and model-based software engineering to create a threat sharing technology based on the internationally approved Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX) and Trust Automated Exchange of Indicator Information (TAXII) standards.

The system allows for a secure, two-way exchange of CTI between BAE Systems and Fujitsu. It also provides an innovative, model-based data protection framework that enforces sharing policies to prevent private corporate data from being exchanged. BAE Systems and Fujitsu cyber analysts can now easily review shared cyber threat intelligence, modify their security settings to their respective networks, and adjust what types of cyber threat intelligence they wish to share with their partners, creating an agile CTI management framework.

The work will be completed at multiple locations in Tokyo and across Northern Virginia.

Source: BAE Systems