Avril Haines sworn in as DNI

On January 21, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines took the oath of office to serve as the seventh DNI in our nation’s history. Haines is the first woman to lead the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Director Haines issued the following statement:

“Serving in this role is the honor of a lifetime. From my time in government, I know that those who serve in the Intelligence Community are the very best this country has to offer. The men and women of the IC are patriots of extraordinary talent and expertise, who work tirelessly to protect our nation, advance its security and prosperity, and defend its freedoms and values.”

“The mission of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has never been more vital to our nation’s security or prosperity. At this important moment, with all of the extraordinary challenges and opportunities facing our nation, policymakers need access to timely and analytically rigorous intelligence. The IC must never hesitate to speak truth to power and to deliver intelligence driven by facts, not politics. I know it is what the President expects and demands. I am excited to begin this important work alongside such talented professionals.”

Source: ODNI