Avantus Federal partners with Interorbital

Avantus Federal, a NewSpring Holdings company based in McLean, VA, announced on November 20 that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Interorbital Systems (IOS) to bring affordable space-launch solutions to the Federal government.

IOS is a rapid prototyping rocket, satellite, and spacecraft manufacturing company and launch-service provider located in Mojave, California. With this partnership, Interorbital Systems will provide its high-quality methodology in conjunction with Avantus’ space eminence and service capability supporting a broad spectrum of Defense and Federal customers.

“This collaborative partnership serves to expand Interorbital Systems capacity to do business with federal customers while also growing the eminence of Avantus in the space domain by expanding the list of capabilities we bring to market,” said Christopher Duncan, director of space and cyber initiatives at Avantus. “Through methods such as low-cost orbital launch vehicle, vertical integration and flexible launch methods, this partnership will benefit Avantus and our teams to enhance the framework necessary to become a spacefaring company.”

Source: Avantus