Army posts RFP for Joint Cyber Center (JCC) support services

Army 112On March 30, the US Army Contracting Command posted the following RFP (Solicitation Number: W91QVN15R0033) for Joint Cyber Center support services. Interested contractors should note that proposals are due no later than May 19.

The Commander, USFK (CDRUSFK) chartered the USFK JCC to establish, provide, and maintain a leading edge cyberspace operations capability to support directly the Combined, United States (US) and Republic of Korea (ROK) operations within the Korean Theater of Operations (KTO) to establish and maintain cyberspace superiority and perform cyberspace operations during armistice, contingencies and war. The USFK JCC accomplishes this mission as defined in the Secretary of Defense Memorandum quote mark Transitional Framework for Cyberspace Operations Command and Control quote mark dated 01 May 2012. Organic cyberspace capabilities provide critical services for the Combined Forces Command (CFC) and USFK C2 networks and associated systems. It is imperative to support the CDRUSFK with the ability to manage C2 networks and protect them against cyberspace intrusions and attacks. A robust cyberspace situational awareness (SA) is fundamental to achieve mission and objectives, identify and defend against adversarial threats, and provide continuous and reliable network-centric operations. The ultimate end state is friendly forces cyberspace dominance operating through secure and reliable networks without prohibitive adversary cyberspace interference while denying the adversary cyberspace freedoms of actions.

Contractor personnel assigned shall provide cyberspace related services and recommendations to the USFK Command and Staff. Specific JCC tasks support evaluating the USFK current and future cyberspace requirements and efforts by identifying USFK capabilities, improvement opportunities, and threats to essential C2 systems. This includes planning, designing, and managing cyberspace security and posture initiatives that cover an extensive range of cyberspace related products and services including but not limited to:

Cyber Defense Operations
Cyber Intelligence Analysis and Support
Joint Network Operations (NetOps) Support
Operations Plans (OPLANS) and Concept of Operation (CONOPS) Plans Consultation and Development
Predictive Analysis and Trending

This PWS addresses cyberspace capabilities providing services for the CFC/USFK C2 networks and associated systems to fully implement the JCC across the KTO. Robust cyberspace research, analysis, operations and situational awareness is fundamental to achieve the USFK mission and objectives, defend against and categorize threats, and allow for network centric operations. The ultimate end state is dominance of cyber space by friendly forces that permits the secure, reliable conduct of operations by friendly forces, and their related land, air, maritime and space forces at a given time and place while mitigating adverse actions by the adversary.

The period of performance (PoP) shall include a phase-in period, a base period, and three (3), 12-month option periods.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps