Army posts RFI for GBOSS(E) mobile tower trailer production and support

Army 112On April 20, the U.S. Army posted a request for information for Mobile Tower Trailer Production, Maintenance and SupportFor the Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System (Expeditionary) [GBOSS(E)] (Solicitation Number: W909MY16RA011). Responses to this notice should be received no later than 2:00pm ET on May 11.

The Army Contracting Command – Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG) Belvoir is conducting Market Research, on behalf of Program Manager Terrestrial Sensors (PM TS), Product Manager Electro Optic Infrared (PdM EOIR), in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 10, to determine the industry’s capabilities for production and associated maintenance and support for mobile tower trailers for the GBOSS (E) System. Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) / PdM EOIR Payloads- Force Protection is looking for companies with the capabilities and facilities to provide Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS), Non-Developmental Items (NDI), or near NDI for a Mobile Tower Trailer capable of raising and deploying a surveillance payload at multiple heights.

The G-BOSS(E) is a program of record in Fiscal Year (FY)16 as part of the development and acquisition portfolio of the PdM EOIR Payloads- Force Protection, which is a subordinate office of the PM TS within the Program Executive Office, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors (PEO IEW&S).

G-BOSS(E) is an expeditionary, ground-based, self-contained, multi-spectral sensor-oriented, persistent surveillance system. GBOSSE(E) used to observe, collect, detect, classify, identify, track, record, and report on contacts, objects of interest, and assessed threats twenty-four hours a day using a display of fused video and sensor data. The G-BOSS(E) is used for mid to long range persistent surveillance. This system will be of a size and weight that allows mobility, transportability, scalability, and modularity consistent with deployment and employment using common U.S. air, land and sea transport assets. G-BOSS(E) will be capable of independent employment or as part of a network base security and defense system.

G-BOSS(E) employs variable sensor heights to meet the persistent surveillance requirement of the Medium and Heavy variant/configuration (mid to high sensor height).

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps