AnubisNetworks ‘Cyberfeed’ threat intelligence used in takedown operations

AnubisNetworks, a supplier of real-time threat intelligence, helped the FBI in a U.S.-led multi-national action against GameOver Zeus botnet and Cryptolocker ransomware.

Cyberfeed According to security researchers, it is estimated that Cryptolocker has infected more than 234,000 computers, generating losses of more than $27 million in ransom payments made in just the first two months since the ransomware emerged.

In addition, the FBI estimates that GameOver Zeus is responsible for infecting between 500,000 and one million computers worldwide resulting in more than $100 million in losses.

In a recent press statement released by the US Department of Justice, Deputy Attorney General Cole said, “this operation disrupted a global botnet that had stolen millions from businesses and consumers as well as a complex ransomware scheme that secretly encrypted hard drives and then demanded payments for giving users access to their own files and data.

Cole added that “We succeeded in disabling GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker only because we blended innovative legal and technical tactics with traditional law enforcement tools and developed strong working relationships with private industry experts and law enforcement counterparts in more than 10 countries around the world.”

AnubisNetworks CEO, Francisco Fonseca said, “It was a privilege to assist in this operation and have the opportunity to collaborate and share the intelligence generated by Cyberfeed, the AnubisNetworks threat intelligence solution.” Francisco added, “we were able to successfully sinkhole this botnet and have been following its activity for some time now.”