Amergint completes Raytheon Technologies’ space-based optics business acquisition

Amergint Technologies Holdings, Inc. of Colorado Springs, CO announced on September 1 it has completed the acquisition of Raytheon Technologies’ electro-optics technology business headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, which will be renamed Danbury Mission Technologies (Danbury). Previously a division of Raytheon Technologies’ Collins Aerospace unit, Danbury is a leading technology provider of electro-optical systems for national security space missions and defense survivability needs. With the addition of Danbury’s preeminent capabilities, Amergint furthers its mission to deliver next-generation solutions to manage the capture, processing, transport and exploitation of vital mission information to support the nation’s decision makers and warfighters.

“We are extremely proud to welcome the Danbury team,” says Larry Hill, CEO of Amergint Technology Holdings. “Renowned for designing, developing and producing optical systems that have enabled the U.S. to observe Earth from space, Danbury Mission Technologies has been integral in supporting national security space programs designed to protect U.S. interests. Combining our expertise, we are empowered to build a generational asset that focuses on delivering high-performance national security space technologies for the present and future.”

For decades, high-performance optical systems have been central to helping the U.S. achieve its national security and space exploration objectives, with technological contributions from private sector partnerships essential.

“We look forward to working with government and industry leaders to continue to deliver advanced solutions that support the cutting edge in the space and defense mission areas,” says Andreas Nonnenmacher, President of Danbury Mission Technologies, who will concurrently assume responsibilities as President of ATH. “Joining a leading provider of software-defined technology for military, intelligence and commercial applications, Danbury becomes a key part of a greater force that will create some of the most exciting and potentially game-changing opportunities ever seen for advancing U.S. capabilities.”

Source: Amergint