Allied Minds announces the formation of HawkEye 360

HawkEye 360 112Allied Minds, an innovative U.S. science and technology development and commercialization company, announced the formation of HawkEye 360, Inc., which will use a constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) capable of detecting wireless signals that can be used to track and monitor global transportation networks, assist with emergencies, as well as other data analytics and reporting services to a broad range of customers.

HawkEye 360 seeks to provide highly accurate maritime situational awareness, collecting information about vessels to create a wealth of current and historical data useful for commercial planning as well as emergency response. Similar data will be available for planes, ground transportation, and logistics industries.

“HawkEye 360’s technology will allow for unprecedented analysis of wireless signals,” said John Serafini, Vice President at Allied Minds and Chief Executive Officer of HawkEye 360. “Space-based detection of RF signals allows us to accurately locate and characterize difficult-to-visualize spectrum information in a way that’s both global and timely. You can’t do that terrestrially, and you can’t do that with photos.”

Dr. Charles Clancy and Dr. Bob McGwier of Virginia Tech’s Hume Center for National Security and Technology originally developed the data processing technology being licensed by Allied Minds. They are co-founding HawkEye 360 with Chris DeMay, who most previously worked for the National Reconnaissance Office. At the NRO, DeMay led programs for signals and satellite technology development for national security satellite collection systems, supporting the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Community. DeMay will be joining HawkEye 360 as Chief Operating Officer.

“We are developing a system that allows us to identify signals, locate signals, and visualize the information in a way that no one has before,” said Chris DeMay, Chief Operating Officer of HawkEye 360. “The collaboration with Allied Minds provides an avenue for applying cutting-edge technologies to the commercial sector in a manner that creates previously unrealized value.”

Source: Allied Minds, Inc.