Air Force to fund $46 million in research grants on ‘human-centered’ ISR

Human-centered researchThe Air Force Research Lab has unveiled a new grants opportunity, entitled Human-Centered Intelligence, Surveillance, under which applicants can compete for the opportunity to undertake research on behalf of the Lab’s Human-Centered Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Division.

Total funding for such grants is estimated to exceed $46 million, says an announcement posted by the Air Force Research Lab on Feb. 11.

Successful applicants will be awarded grants to conduct research in three broad areas: (1) Human Signatures — which involves the development of technologies to discover and characterize biological-based signatures that can enable effective human and environmental threat detection; (2) Human Trust and Interaction — which involves the establishment of trust between human operators and the machines and software they are teamed with to complete their missions; (3) Human Analyst Augmentation — which involves the developing, testing and evaluating of human-centric technology solutions to the ISR community.

The Air Force Research Lab anticipates handing out 15 separate grants, which will not require any cost sharing or financial matching, says the notice. This is an “unrestricted” grant opportunity, the notice continues, which is open to any type of entity.

Grants applications will be accepted under this program for the next four years, through February 12, 2018.

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