Air Force seeks small biz help with C4ISRO

Air Force seal 112On September 11, the United States Air Force posted the following request for information (RFI) for Command and Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance and Operations (C4ISRO). Interested small businesses should send  a capability statement by 12:00pm (HST) on Wednesday, September 16.

 The 766th SCONS at JBPHH is performing market research to determine the availability, interest and capability of potential small business sources to provide technical, engineering, and logistics services in support of C4ISRO activities for Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) missions at operational, proposed, and deployed-to/from sites in the Pacific Area of Responsibility (AOR), and at sites and units upon which PACAF depends for reach-back and support. Examples of units upon which PACAF routinely depends for reach-back and/or support are Air Force Targeting Center, (AFTC), Langley AFB, VA, 701st Combat Operations Squadron, Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), March ARB, CA, 157th Air Operations Group, Air National Guard (ANG), Jefferson Barracks Military Post, MO, and other Department of Defense organizations in direct support of PACAF’s mission.

The Contractor is subject to permanent or temporary assignments as necessary to meet PACAF, military departments’ and DoD agencies’ in support of PACAF’s missions and objectives. PACAF’s operational sites are located in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Japan, and Republic of Korea (ROK), Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean Territory), Continental United States (CONUS) sites and other locations.

Full information is available here.

Source: Fed BizOpps