Air Force issues updated BAA for unmanned aircraft system airspace integration

AFRL 112On August 4, 2015, the Air Force Research Laboratory issued an updated broad agency announcement (BAA) for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) airspace integration (Solicitation Number: BAA-2014-0006-RQKPC).

The Power and Control Division of the Aerospace Systems Directorate (AFRL/RQQ) is interested in basic research, exploratory development and advanced development of flight control system technologies for highly reliable, fault tolerant vehicle stabilization, flight path control, and mission management. AFRL/RQQ develops concepts, components, criteria, analytical methods and design tools for flight vehicle applications. The primary emphasis is on development of fault tolerant control system architectures, control automation, autonomous systems, flight critical technologies and vehicle management systems. To this end, AFRL/RQQ conducts a full spectrum of development and application activities ranging from initial concept definition through system mechanization, laboratory evaluation and flight validation.

  • The objective of this effort is to conduct basic, applied, advanced and demonstration/validation research to develop, demonstrate, integrate and transition new UAS airspace integration technologies to the warfighter.

    • Tasks may include the following:
    – Modeling, simulation and analysis of UAS
    – Trade studies and research of UAS systems, subsystems and interfaces
    – Verification, validation and safety analysis
    – Concept and component research and development, including software and/or hardware
    – Human-machine interface research and development
    – Develop, conduct and/or support ground or flight tests

    • Calls under this BAA will fall under six research areas in AFRL/RQQ: Airspace Integration; State Awareness and Real Time Response; Verification & Validation; Cooperative Intelligence; Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Automated Strike Integration and Safety Technologies

    • Calls under this BAA may be standalone efforts in one or multiple research areas, or in support of a larger effort. Each individual call will specify its own goals, objectives and deliverables.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps