AFRL updates Extreme Computing BAA

On June 3, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) posted an updated version of its Extreme Computing broad agency announcement (BAA). For best consideration for funding in FY25, AFRL recommends that white papers be submitted by September 30, 2024.

This announcement is for an Open, 2 Step BAA which is open and effective until 20 Sep 2028.  Only white papers will be accepted as initial submissions; formal proposals will be accepted by invitation only.  White papers will be considered if received prior to 1600 hrs. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on 20 Sep 2028.

AFRL is soliciting white papers under this Broad Agency Announcement for research, development, integration, test and evaluation of technologies/techniques to support research in the focus areas computational diversity and efficient computing architectures, machine learning and artificial intelligence in embedded system and architectures, computing at the edge, nanocomputing, space computing, and robust algorithms and applications.

Total funding for this BAA is approximately $497.9M.  Individual awards will not normally exceed 36 months with dollar amounts normally ranging from $1M to $3M.  There is also the potential to make awards up to $99.9M

Multiple Awards are anticipated.  However, the Air Force reserves the right to award zero, one, or more Procurement Contracts, Other Transactions, or Assistance Instruments, for all, some, or none of the solicited effort based on the offeror’s ability to perform desired work and funding fluctuations. There is no limit on the number of OTs that may be awarded to an individual offeror.

Review the AFRL Extreme Computing BAA.

Source: SAM

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