AFRL posts MAMA program BAA

On September 11, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory posted a broad agency announcement for its Mission Awareness for Mission Assurance (MAMA) program (BAA RIK-2014-0014). For FY 19 funding, the agency recommends that white papers be submitted by 3:00 p.m. Eastern on September 1, 2018.

The Information Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/RI), Rome Research Site, is soliciting white papers under this announcement for innovative technologies to enable effective cyber situational awareness (SA) during mission execution to achieve mission assurance for military operations.

AFRL/RI conducts research in the areas of information management and dissemination as well as cyber science and technology. This research has led to the development of service oriented information management and dissemination implementations, in particular, Phoenix Prime. The continued development and maturation of innovative concepts and enhanced services that maximize the situational awareness during mission execution to achieve mission assurance of military operations is the primary focus of this BAA.

Background: The Information Management Technologies Branch of the Information Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Rome Research Site, are researching and developing techniques and services for information management in diverse military environments. Information Management (IM) is defined as a set of intentional activities to maximize the value of information to support the objectives of the military enterprise. These activities include role/policy based information access control, information tagging and contextualization through semantic assessment, discovery and identification, scalability and responsiveness to resource availability and the administrative activities that support them. Understanding how concepts for sharing information amongst disparate producers, consumers and operational domains and the technologies that can be applied in the unique military operational and tactical domains are of critical importance.

AFRL’s information centric technology vision has culminated in a suite of AFRL Information Management (IM) services known as Phoenix Prime. Phoenix Prime is a service oriented information system that enables the management of all information interactions through domain independent “universal services” whose functions include obtaining, discovering, characterizing, identifying, prioritizing, mediating, persisting and disseminating information within and between mission partners. The most recent Phoenix Prime developments correlate users with operational activities, determine information requirements, assess information for mission relevance and establish information processing priorities based upon mission importance and system resource availability.

A new consolidated program called “Mission Awareness for Mission Assurance” (MAMA) is being started under this BAA. The goal of MAMA is to enhance cyber situational awareness by the automated assessment of mission execution through the analysis of network traffic flows. This resultant capability is an enabler to achieving mission assurance by allowing prioritization of mission essential functions, mapping of critical cyber assets, vulnerability assessment of mission essential functions and mitigation of vulnerabilities and risks.

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Source: FedBizOpps